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Getting to know the dog Parents

We started this crazy journey in 2016 and have never looked back. We constantly invest and adjust our lines to maintain consistent healthy pups and whatever the cost. We love what we do so it definitely makes it easier to keep waking up to tackle the day. We have a ton of fun being with the dogs all day and wouldn't change it for the world. Our biggest joy is the moment when we fill a hole that perhaps was obvious in their life or maybe becomes apparent when they have the joys of Frenchie puppy life. People have and will say they are just a dog and to them id say they are right in the way a spaceship is a spaceship or how happiness is just happiness. We never take for granted the responsibility and trust our community has bestowed upon us and we are always excited to meet the challenge. We are welcoming our human child in August and we are excited to share that journey with our BKR Family ❤️

Pups Available
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